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Ag Business, Finance & Marketing

Ag Business, Finance & Marketing

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Agricultural Business

  • Ag Lease 101 helps both land owners and land operators learn about alternative lease arrangements and includes sample written lease agreements for several alternatives. Ag Lease 101 was created by and is maintained by the North Central Farm Management Extension Committee.
  • Ag Land Lease is an initiative between OSU’s Plant and Soil Science faculty and Agricultural Economics faculty to bridge the gap between land owners and lessees.
  • Ag Economics Quick Tips Newsletter - The Quick Tips Newsletter offers information on a variety of economics and business management-related issues.
  • Annie's Project - Annie's Project seeks to empower farm women to be better business partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information.
  • Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Center - The Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Center provides access to information and educational materials relating to the cooperative form of business.
  • Farm Labor - A simple and easy-to-use guide for managing the farm’s human resources, with tips for determining human resource needs, finding employees that fit needs, bringing those employees “up to speed” quickly, and helping them develop.
  • Oklahoma Land Values - The Oklahoma Land Values Web site provides information on over 60,000 Oklahoma land sales that occurred between 1971 and 2006 to help evaluate land values.
  • Women in Agriculture and Small Business - Learn more about upcoming educational events targeted to women in agriculture.


  • e-Farm Management - Learn more about farm finances and various FSA programs through videos, presentation slides, decision tools, and links to additional information sources. Topics address production, legal, marketing, financial and risk management.
  • Enterprise Budgets - Enterprise budgets estimate profitability for agricultural enterprises while documenting management practices and the resources and technology used.
  • Farm and Business Tax Institutes - The mission of the Oklahoma State University Tax Schools is to provide a quality and highly-valued tax education.
  • Farm Financial Management Resources - This Web site offers a broad range of farm financial management tools and resources.
  • Farm Transitions - Farm Transitions provides resources to help producers transition from one phase of farm or ranch management to another.
  • Intensive Financial Management & Planning Support - The Intensive Financial Management & Planning Support program works with people considering an expansion or new enterprise.
  • Oklahoma Farm and Ranch Account Book - The Oklahoma Farm and Ranch Account Book is designed to be a comprehensive, easy to use, hand kept record-keeping system.
  • Quicken for Farm and Ranch Financial Records - Quicken is a popular commercial record-keeping software package that is easy to use, inexpensive, flexible and widely used.

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