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Southeast Oklahoma Horticulture

This is the webpage for the Southeast Oklahoma Extension Horticulture program. Please send questions and comments by email to Jim.Shrefler@okstate.edu . You may also call 580-924-5312 and ask for Jim Shrefler

Presentations for download
Raised bed container gardens
Container gardens come in many shapes, sizes and designs. This gardening method enables home vegetable production where traditional home gardens are not possible. It also enable locating the garden in the most suitable location, and even moving the garden to the best available site as the season progresses. This project involves the use of locally available livestock feed bunks to make a garden that is raised to a comfortable working height and is even semi-portable.
Season Extension for Market Gardeners - Oklahoma Women in Ag 2015
A presentation on methods, strategies, techniques and materials for Extending the vegetable growing season in Oklahoma. Presented at the 2015 Women in Ag Statewide conference in Oklahoma.
2015 Cleveland Co. Master Gardener Vegetables
2015 Cleveland Co. Master Gardener Vegetables - presentation slides
Fall Gardening and Row Covers
Fall Gardening and Row Covers presentation used at Grayson county Garden Show and Oct. 2015 Hort Update
May 2&3 In-service Horticulture Update
Presentation made at May 2&3 In-Service at Robbers Cave.
Rogers Co MG Feb 20117
Rogers Co MG Feb 20117 Vegetables
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