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Master Gardeners Washington County, OK

Actual website link: (http://oces.okstate.edu/washington/mg )

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Washington County Oklahoma Master Gardeners keep Extension Office hours from 9:00 a.m. to Noon, Mondays and Fridays from March 1 through September. They respond to email nearly every day of the year (click on address below). Response to local urban gardening questions is their focus.


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Announcements about events and activities.


About Master Gardeners, classes, etc.

If you would like to become a Washington County Oklahoma Master Gardener, find information here about who Master Gardeners are, what we do, requirements to become one, future classes and an application form.


Presentation Announcements - Calendar - Where We Will Be

Quick overview of coming presentations or activities within the community. Currently, no presentations are scheduled. Other activities are.


e-Pest Alert Newsletters

e-Pest Alerts provide current information on pests that are active at the time and recommended actions to take. History is also provided to help predict what pests to expect during each season.


Current Lawn & Garden News

Provides a task list by month; information about local gardening concerns and similar information. Current Posting: Lawn tasks or needs during the winter months of November through February as well as interesting references to pictures and facts.


Links to Gardening Resources

These links provide information to help you have more successful gardening experiences.


Examiner-Enterprise Yard & Garden News Articles

Weekly horticulture news articles are written by the Washington County Oklahoma Extension Director and printed in the Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise newspaper. More articles will be added weekly.


June & July Garden and Lawn Concerns

Pest and problems to watch for during June and July as well as interesting references to pictures and facts.


June-July 2016 Bagworms & Fall Webworms

Fall webworms and bagworms are two different insect problems that impact trees. Both may become prevalent this summer in Washington County, OK.


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