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Drought in the News

Links to specific Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service news stories about upcoming events, agribusiness analysis and management recommendations relative to the 2011 drought.

Balanced nutrition, age grouping keys to efficient winter feeding
Drought-ravaged pastures and tight hay supplies means that cattle producers must take extra care this winter to balance the right amount of forage and supplement for their breeding females, especially the young animals.

Drought-forced movements of cattle slowing down
There are indications that the worst of the 2011 drought-forced movements of cattle may be slowing down.

U.S. beef markets undergoing dramatic changes
The change of seasons this fall has heralded a change in U.S. beef markets as well, particularly with the dramatic increase in the Choice/Select spread over the past two months.

Dusting in wheat not business as usual
Producers in Oklahoma and surrounding drought-ravaged states who are deciding whether or not to dust in wheat should remember that planting practices will not be business as usual.

Lightweight cattle on feed an economic force
Cattle industry analysts got a bit of a surprise recently when the September Cattle-On-Feed report showed the United States inventory of cattle on feed at 105 percent of last year, significantly less than the expected level of 108 percent.

Bale feeder choice can reduce waste, save dollars
Oklahoma’s historic 2011 drought aside, cattle producers cannot afford to waste a valuable resource like hay in even the best years.

OSU Wheat Improvement Team constantly improving crop varieties
Drought resistance, disease resistance, producing both quality and quantity: all are desired traits of new wheat varieties produced on behalf of producers and related agribusiness operators by the Oklahoma State University Wheat Improvement Team.

Oklahoma agricultural losses from drought more than $1.6 billion
Preliminary loss estimates most likely represent a lower end of the overall impact, as data for certain significant revenue-generating activities are still being calculated.

Significant cow culling may continue this fall
The U.S. Beef Industry has experienced historic levels of cow culling in 2011, and while slowed, a significant movement of cows from herds may not be done yet.

Crop insurance may be producer’s best friend in 2012
The sales closing date for many fall-planted crops is Sept. 30, meaning Oklahoma producers need to make certain they have their applicable crops insured by this date.

Oklahoma producers may be able to take advantage of drought-related income tax provisions
Income tax provisions exist that may provide relief for producers who have sold more livestock than normal because of the ongoing drought or other weather-related conditions.

OSU spreadsheets help producers make cattle culling decisions
Oklahoma State University’s Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources has made available three easy-to-use spreadsheet tools to assist cattle producers with drought-related culling decisions.

IFMAPS provides financial planning assistance to producers
Ranchers, farmers and farm families who are experiencing drought-related financial concerns can find it beneficial to contact Oklahoma State University’s IFMAPS program for expert fiscal planning assistance and advice.

Landscapes have suffered from brutal Oklahoma heat
Tips and recommendations from OSU Ornamental Floriculture Specialist Mike Schnelle that homeowners and green industry professionals can use to help reduce damage to landscape plantings.

Producers may need to allow pastures time to recover
From now through at least early November, it may be necessary to restrict animals to a central feeding location to allow pastures to recover. This allows for both short-term and long-term forage recovery.

Drought causing significant acceleration of cattle liquidation
Expanding extreme drought conditions in Oklahoma and other southern Great Plains states seems to be causing a significant acceleration of cattle liquidation in the region.

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